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15th Jul 2020

Hope Through COVID-19 - Neville Willerton

Welcome to season 2 of Everyone, Everywhere. We hope you enjoyed a good break.

Join Chris and Hannah as they talk with Neville Willerton about how Church Army has managed to continue to spread a message of hope through the COVID-19 pandemic and how our evangelists; a group of people known for being out on the streets have continued to connect with people while the whole country is in lockdown.

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Everyone Everywhere
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Welcome to Everyone Everywhere. The evangelism podcast from Church Army. Together we're talking about how how to share Jesus in the everyday.

Join Hannah and Chris as they interview special guests and discuss how to bring a message of hope to a hurting world in the twenty first century.

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About your hosts

Chris Hardy

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Chris is Church Army’s Publications Officer, editor of the Catalyst magazine and co-hosts Everyone Everywhere: The Evangelism Podcast with Hannah. Chris is a "retired" professional barista who still makes coffee everyday. He loves theology and board games and hopes to one day discover a way to bring those two passions together.

Hannah Ling

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Hannah is Church Army’s Communications Officer and co-hosts Everyone Everywhere: The Evangelism Podcast with Chris. Hannah is passionate about the environment and social justice and so loves being part of the Hopeful Activists' podcast team too. She loves running, the theatre and her housemate's legendary risotto!